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Tori-ism itself is the belief in one supreme being, Tori Amos, a woman who has blessed us, her Ears With Feet, since the begining of time with unnknowing briliance we have yet to imagine. It is believed that by proper study of Tori-ism through Tori's teachings and words, that the Tori-ist will one day reach enlightenment and ascend into the heavens and become reincarnated as one of Tori's piano strings. Tori-ism is what you the Tori-ist makes of it, and with the guidance of Tori's wisdom, your life is what you of it.

In this community, we Tori-ists will come together not only to learn from Tori through our own spiritual relationships with her, but through eachother. Here, as a community of Ears With Feet, we can be guided by Tori's wonder and awe together, helping eachother along the way to reach enlightenment. This is a space for the Tori-ist to find her or him self through the guidance of Tori, and to post about her or his spiritual connections and experiences with Tori. Here, you can discuss among other Tori-ists prayers you may have written, spiritual rituals you perform, visions you may have been sent from the Great One, anything you as a Tori-ist on your own journey found or created yourself that has brought you closer to Tori.

Tori is in the air, in the water, in the earth, in the smiles you give to one another, in the compassion you bestow upon your neighbor, in the righteousness within you, and the beauty all around you. It is your life and you world. You are your own most beautiful creation, and let the light of Tori's own brilliance help you find you purpose.

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