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My First Tori Concert has officially been one year and 2 weeks since my very first Tori Amos concert. I was not home to write this on the one month anniversary so here is my story.

One year ago my cousin Brandon gave me my ticket to go see Tori Amos in concert in Detroit a week later. I screamed and jumped for joy in the crowded airport with people i didn't know staring at me. Anyways, now im so excited and can't wait for Friday to come around. The week goes on at the cottage we are staying at on Lake Michigan, and on comes Wednesday. Little did we know, there had been a huge blackout in lower Michigan, New York and some other places. So A friend of Brandons calls us at the cottage and asks if weve heard about the blackout. Which now because of him calling us we have. Brandon and i were praying to God that the concert wouldnt had been canceld. We waited and waited for news on the web about our concert, little did we know it had been postponed until Monday and i was leaving for California on Sunday. (Convienient? no) So..Brandon and I thinking that the concert is still playing, drove down to his apartment and found out that it was postponed. But the crazy Tori fans that we are remembered that she was playing in Cleveland on Saturday. So we went to the mall and got two tickets, then we hung around with Phil his friend and got food at the Fleetwood Diner, and had fun. Then we drove to my aunts house at like 11 30 and then went to the Tori Concert Saturday. It ended up being AMAZING! It was not only my first Tori concert but my first concert ever! With my favorite person in the world! She played all my fav songs except Sugar, but other than that, it was just breath-taking and just just jaw dropping, it couldnt have been more perfect. Our seats were way better for that show (22nd row back, dead center) and omg it was perfect! Crazy Tori fans dancing in the aisles, and me and B. rockin out!

So there is my story, give me feedback if you'd like.

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