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College essays

Hey all :)

I, too, am new to this community, but just a LITTLE bit old. I'm 17 and applying to colleges. But Tori has really been my inspiration for a long time...probably about 6 or 7 years. I adore her. I've written several times in my livejournal that if I could meet one celebrity in the entire world, it would be her, and possibly any person in the world. It's also a joke between my friends and I that Tori may be my 1% homosexuality factor ::grins::

Anyway, as I said, I'm applying to college. And for Boston University, one of the questions was, "Describe something that is important to you, something that has greatly affected your life" or something to that extent. So...I wrote about Tori. I think the essay came out really nice, and I wanted to post it to maybe get some feedback :) Keep in mind that I DID want to say more, but unfortunately the essay was limited to 500 words.


It’s interesting, the things about our lives that we remember. Sometimes we have tools to aid us in recollection, such as a faded photograph clumsily tucked into a plastic album, or an article of clothing long since forgotten lost in the back of the closet. The people in those photographs who wore those old clothes, they are shadows of a time that seems beyond my reach, but for me, those people and that time can be resurrected with the golden honey of a fire-haired goddesses’ voice. It may be that giving a recording artist the title of “goddess” seems a bit inappropriate to most people, but to me, that title is most deserved.
From the moment I heard my first Tori Amos song, I knew I was in love. She was unique, poetic, enigmatic, harsh, yet tender. She was beautiful. Something about her words and haunting melodies touched my soul, and their paint still stains my heart. Other musicians have come and gone, but only Tori remains to touch with intrusive fingers my every unreachable corner.
As I became more and more engrossed in Tori’s music, it became more involved in my life. Years trickled away, like water droplets on a windowpane. Like rainwater, time evaporated, leaving me with nothing but my golden memories, yearbook signatures, and a stack of photographs. But what time has taken, Tori returns. Her penetrating lyrics and tantalizing tunes bring me back to my past. I have come to associate nearly every one of Tori’s songs with a particular moment in my life, and by listening to that song, I am returned to that moment and am able to experience it over again as if anew. Each song recalls a different, powerful emotion within me, an emotion that seems somehow familiar yet which cannot be placed, and I am again at a time in my life days, months, or even years before.
I have been to four Tori Amos concerts. At the most recent, Tori, performing for a small crowd under the open starlight of an amphitheatre, laid her digits over the keys and produced “Jackie’s Strength,” a song that I had never heard live before. I stopped applauding. I stopped moving. I think I even stopped breathing as I stared in awe at the stage, suspended in a moment of ecstasy. I still can’t explain the surge of emotions I felt that night; they felt old, nostalgic, from a sad time long ago; I don’t remember when. Before I knew it, salt was sliding slowly down my cheek, stinging my eyes and painting my face red. I was moved, absolutely moved, and I can’t even explain why. But it doesn’t matter.
The passage of time is something we can never halt. Yet there are things we can find, such as a familiar aroma or, in my case, a haunting song, that sends us back in its course. Tori Amos is my goddess; she has the power to stop my time just for a brief moment and transport me back anywhere in my life, simply with the flick of a finger across the piano keys or a soft murmur of poetry from her lips.
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